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Roll with the punches
Have to be up in six hours, Claire's giving me a lift to campus for my exam.

I must admit, I know very little of the material for this course. But with every day that passes, my apathy only grows, to the point where if I turn up tomorrow without a pen, I shan't even give a damn.

And I'll tell you where you can cram my attitude problem :oP

But seriously - this isn't an exam I was ever expecting to do well in - I had to choose four maths courses, and this was the one I took simply by exhausting every other option. And Wednesday's exam isn't much better, since it was my third choice course. The easy two are behind me, all that's left are the difficult maths ones, and the potentially tricky Biology course. I say tricky, because there's a lot of material to learn, and it's the only one that matters to my final grade, in the grand scheme of things (failure in it would actually mean failure in my degree, in all probability, whereas a good grade will mean a pass).

Anyhow, prepared or otherwise, I'm turning in for the night - six hours of sleep should be sufficient, and since the exam finishes at 10:30am, that gives me plenty of nap time tomorrow. I have a can of Red Bull here for when I need waking up in the morning too - after being off it for some time now, it has quite an effect on me when I do drink a can (and do I even need to mention the Saturday night party in Rimini?)

Time to get unconscious!


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