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Earlier on, I stopped by the guitar shop, to inquire about my injured instrument... My options are:

For £50, I can have all the frets filed down so they're flat again, but it's only a temporary measure, and they will eventually wear away until there's nothing left. Plus, it would screw up the action...

For £100 I can get all the frets replaced, which would be the (obviously) better option.

However, given the guitar only costs about £200 anyway, I'd probably be better off getting a new one at some point in the future... Especially since I hope to be working soon...

Ho hum

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And if you've never had one, I do suggest you try one. Really quite good. Pretty convincing, too.

½ ounce Kahlua
½ ounce Galliano
3 ounce Soda Water
1 ounce Cola

Hmm... What's Galliano?

It's one of those liqueures that comes in a conic bottle. I'm not sure what it is exactly, nor can I tell you how it tastes, but I do like its aroma. It's not hard to find, quite common really; I've seen it in Sainsbury's.

Oh, and Galliano is also an island off the coast of Vancouver. It's one of the Gulf Islands. The photo is taken from Pender Island, where Eileen's parents own a cabin, and where we're going to be spending a lot of time once I get home to Vancouver. Pender Island also has a wicked disc golf course. It's a 27 hole course, recognised by the BC PDGA.

Anyways, enough of this unrelated-to-galliano stuff. :)

why dont you just play the injured instrument?

I do, but the G, B and E strings don't sound at all right up to the fourth fret, because they've worn grooves into the metal... Consequently, they're not vibrating right...

put a capo on the fourth fret and de-tune. mmm dr. goose has treated another patient.

Stopgap measure, file it down yourself, save £50. Nothing special.

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