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Hmm, my computer has been on for 80 hours... Not bad for a Windows ME system really...

Can't see why anybody would pick Linux over this ;o)

Today has been mostly lazy - lazy is good. Plus some revision. Revision is bad, but only five more days, then it's all over, forever... :o)

And Rach phoned me from the gig to play songs to me, yay :o) Love her :o)

Today I reminded myself of the best setup for my amp - I'd forgotten which position the knobs are meant to be in for the best sound, but I remembered today, so I've been playing lots of cool sounding guitar.

Ho hum, more revision to do tololomololorrololow. (that's 'tomorrow', only in maximum-lol-form, for Ed, who isn't even here anyway).


We saw the baby seagulls getting fed some more earlier - there's definitely three. Got lots of photos of them... :o)

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Hmm, my computer has been on for 80 hours... Not bad for a Windows ME system really...

Do you mean it's gone for 80 hours without crashing and forcing a shutdown/restart? Then that is impressive!

If you mean literally powered up, well, that's not so impressive then. I've traditionally run my systems 24/7, with only occaisional breaks (e.g. vacations). Really, I'd hate to know just what my record is. But I've never been without my own system for 10 years now, so it's gotta be up there...

Yeah... it normally goes about three days between restarts, while I use it to the full extent of its potential (i.e., constantly run things and stuff)...

Why are you here, and not at Tour II? And before you say anything, I've got an exam at 9:30am that I've needed to study for, so I'm off the hook. :)

Re: Wait a second...

I also have exams. Ha :oP

I have returned, and can now appreciate your lolage!

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