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Remember how last year there was a baby seagull that grew up on the chimney-stack of the house behind ours? And how I used to watch it and stuff?

Well the seagulls laid an egg a while back, and have been sitting on it, and now there's a new chick living up there now. Now just one, actually - there's three grey fuzzy seagull chicks living up there. I've been leaning out of the bathroom window (two storeys from a concrete floor, dangerous...) watching them. I saw all three of them getting fed, and took pictures of it - not sure how they'll come out, but I tried to get a few to make sure :o)

They're so cute - they look like baby dinosaurs... They have pointy little tongues, and really long legs, and grey fur with black spots. I didn't even know seagulls could have three babies at a time - I hope none of them die :o\

But yes, they're cute, and when I get my pictures developed, I shall upload them :o)

Update: was lying on my bed, and saw them get fed again, so I took more pictures... it's great, I can lie in bed, and watch the babies grow up :o)

Am all broody now :o)


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