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Now, the question you have to ask yourself is why on earth did you click that link? Are you MAD? Or SICK?!

Seek help!


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(Deleted comment)
The only other one I've got has a good deal less towel ;o)

That could just mean the camera was angled higher so the towel wasn't in it :þ

It was a guaranteed win either way - either there would be a snarky comment behind that cut, or it would be what the cut said it was, and regardless I would be pleased.

and another question would be why do you feel the need to put that bland picture up anyway?

Seems to have been well-received so far...

Tell you what, we'll have a contest - get your hairy nipples out :o)

your teenage fan club doesn't count dude.


nah, they're probably too young to have ever seen a proper man :p

And your nipple picture is enough to put them off the prospect forever.... ;o)

as the tabloids would say, i'm "grooming" them for you :p

i'll take that as a compliment :)

Only because if "hairy" was an insult, you'd be totally fucked ;o)

it must be a novel experience for you, being able to take the piss out of someones hair..

I've been doing it for two years - I'm not sure how novel it can really be any more...

Ok, but it wasn't meant as one :þ. Though, it wasn't meant as an insult either.... just... an amazement on my part.

I'm going to post this at exhibitionism community, if you don't mind.

from "ashmoo" at dead journal...


not a bad pic at la.. in any way shape or form. rather pleasing, infact. i LURV da hair..... GIMME! hahaha neways i was perusing (sp?) journals and stumbled up dis.. yum. ur hott, thought i would let u know. and hairy nipples, although a fact of life for some, are still pretty gross.

Yes, slightly mad and slightly sick. And no one posts porn pictures on LJ anyway!

no actually, i wanted to see what oh so hilarious phrase would replace the photo.

i'm not laughing yet. try again.

I think you need to revise your expectations...

Why did I click it?

It's a habit I picked up from frequent visitation of nakedparts.


Put it away Jamie!! Some of us have just eaten!!

ya soo your hott!!!!!

umm ya just wanted to let you know your hott

my thoughts exactly.

thats what i said... but he ignored it. oh what some can be. ;-P
-ashmoo @ deadjournal

do you wax your chest or r u just freakishly hairless?!

how much vodka do i have to ply you with to see the lot-less-towel peekture?

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