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Oh, not to mention...
Spent a lot of last night Trolling. Not newsgroups, just people...

Victim 1: Adam Potts

Using my superior powers of flaming, I was able to reduce this child to a gibbering wreck, and destroy his soul forever. Using a combination of disgusting and vicious attacks on his sanity, I managed to make him flee forever. Hooray

Victim 2: Some bird my brother knows

Somehow my brother (using a carefully plotted "This person is like Ian Turton" wind-up) managed to make me also start trolling somebody else, asking "am i in ur klass?" amongst other questions, before the individual turned hostile, and had to be subdued with flames...

Victim 3: Some friend of Mike Beech

Somebody was using Mike's account on MSN, and said "hi i'm mikes girlfriend who r u?". Naturally I responded "I'm Mike's other girlfriend, who crack-whore, and I'm here to kill you". Wound them up for ages...

How is it that so few other people see or appreciate the wonderful art form that is trolling? :o)

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Fix0ring peoples minds is great.

I believe you are mistaken!

What you describe is not trolling but "Adjectivising" Trolling is the pointless and un-funny use of words to annoy others, where as our own dear subsect of trolling uses witty remarks and comedy to lighten the mood of a person/room etc

*tut* @ J!

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