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I played Snake earlier and won it.

First time was on a medium difficulty, just to test my winning pattern.

The second time, I put it on the hardest setting, and managed to win fairly comfortably.

And yet, even on the hardest setting, I fell five points short of my highest ever score. What more do they want from me?!

That was my day. With hindsight, there was somewhere I should've been earlier, and I really regret not going. But hey, at least I won Snake ;o)

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I just won Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Yes, you heard correctly: "Snake's Revenge" was NOT the true sequel to Metal Gear.

MG2:SS is a very, very worthy sequel - SR just sucked.

I was talking about Snake on my mobile phone... :oP

But speaking of Metal Gear, I've just seen the trailer of MGS3: Snake Eater. It's good.

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