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See, this is why I need to do my hair before I go out.. I was walking, and I saw a couple - the girl had pink hair, the guy had a double-mohawk. Had I styled my hair before going out, I could've run up to them and been all "Wow, I've found my real parents!", but the joke wouldn't work with my current straight-out-of-bed look :o)

The reason I was out was because I was paying in advance for the Awards Dinner I'm going to for Frisbee. Should be fun... I hope to win an award for Gayness of Hair Colour or something :o)

So yeah, I paid James (waggle) the money for James (me) and James (jimbo)... You see why we stick to our nicknames? Much easier to understand what's going on :o)

Anyhow, not much to report....

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your name sucks. :P THERE IS BUT ONE WACHIEEEEE! also: i told my mother (the one that's trying to eat me) the real parents joke and she laughed.

Yes, but I think "Wachie" is a stupid name, and it bugs me, so nerr :oP

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