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Semantically, surely "homophobe" means a "fear of that which is the same"

So surely a straight person's fear of gay people would be heterophobic...

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Sorta. 'Homophobia' does mean 'fear of the same', and, in the context of gender, suggests a fear of the same gender. 'Fear of someone of a different sexual orientation' would indeed be 'heterophobia' but only when viewed under the correct context (sexual orientation), as you've suggested.

Of course, use tends to determine meaning, and people use 'homophobia' to refer to 'fear of gays'. Hence, within a social community where that is what is understood by that word, it is also its meaning. It's like 'begging the question', which has its classical meaning for philosophers, but has a different meaning among the ignorant. :)

While we're on sayings and meanings - "The exception that proves the rule".

What the fuck?

You show me a rule which has an exception, and I'll show you a rule which therefore does not hold true.

It confuses me....


The phrase is based in the fact that if an exception is notable, then a general rule must exist contrary to that exception. It's originally from the latin, but then, isn't everything?

Have I told you lately that you kick ass?

I'm gonna have to disagree with remohaz. You started out your argument with the technicality that debases his counterpoint: Semantically. Sociolinguistically is another story, and is not what you were pointing out.

Congratulations, your new comment format confused me. I thought it took me to your journal page and I had to go back and forth twice before realizing what you'd concocted here.

Glad you reposted your old letter to academia, too. I can't believe it's been a year since you last posted it.

Yeah, the new comment format still confuses me - but it's still fun.

And I'm surprised it's been a year too - I don't feel especially different, although I am worried that I was a better writer back then. Must be out of practice or something...

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