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I'll make you happy baby, just wait and see
So we're walking back from the level, and Jimbo turns to me and says "I can't understand it, why do they choose to dress lower class?"

He was, of course, referring to a pair of very trashy townie tarts just over the road from us, who were kitted out in their white bomber jackets, wearing lots of "bling"... He then went on to suggest that if somebody were to lace Adidas clothes with a virus, we could wipe out the lower classes within a year, which would make the world a nicer place. Thankfully I steered him away from genocide with the observation that without the lower class, who are we going to fuck up the arse in an alleyway in order to feel better about ourselves?

I got some spam e-mail earlier which said "Identity fraud: somebody could be accumulating massive debts in your name!". Yeah, they are - me. Are they suggesting that identity fraud could be my route out of this or something?

And finally, I saw an advert for some perfume or other, which carried the caption "Your fragrance, your rules. For women only". I couldn't help but wonder why, if they're my rules, they're setting them out for me...

And I leave you with this:

1) How many sexual partners have you had (if any)? 3
2) How many times a week, on average, do you have sex? None right now
3) Ever had a friend... with benefits? ;)do you think it's a good or bad thing? Yes, and it's a bad thing
4) Ever had a one night stand? Do you regret it or not? Yes, and yes I regret it
5) Have you ever had sex with more than one person in a period of 24 hours? 48 yes, 24 no...
6) Threesomes.. have you ever taken part in one? Would you consider it or not? Nope. And I might consider it, but not in the immediate future

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Haha, love the comment about the "trashy townie tarts." The amount of times I have been overlooked in favour of a trashy townie tart is despicable. *sigh* How I hate them...

I fail to see the appeal...

You pair of bloody snobs! :P

I'm down with the viral sportswear, though, haha. It should only kill people who aren't actually doing sports whilst wearing sportswear. Haha.

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