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Be forewarned - I am a Doctor Who Geek, as if anybody needed telling ;o)

[00:24:17] <DMZ> my dear god
[00:24:21] <DMZ> Genesis Of The Daleks
[00:25:31] <UnknownJ> Wicked!
[00:25:34] <UnknownJ> Tom Baker episode
[00:25:38] <UnknownJ> I forget which season
[00:25:56] <UnknownJ> Production code 4E or thereabouts
[00:26:05] <UnknownJ> Starring Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
[00:26:12] <UnknownJ> And some plonker as Dr Harry Sulivan
[00:26:45] <UnknownJ> Plot: The Doctor and companions find that the Time Lords have sent them to Skaro. Their mission - to destroy the Daleks before they have a chance to threaten the universe
[00:27:15] <UnknownJ> Comes immediately after The Sontaran Experiment and immediately before Revenge of the Cybermen
[00:27:43] <UnknownJ> And it should scare you to know that I didn't need to look up a single thing to know that ;o)

And, for what it's worth, I was right about every last detail. Be afraid ;o)

Ed - be proud of me

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I'm impressed. ;)

btw - got the movie downloaded. You're right, it is a piece of Americanized tripe. But it does also have Paul McGann, clad variously in a sheet and a frock coat, so it was not time wasted.

Rec me some good Dr. Who...

I'm impressed - personally I would have looked here where all the information you mention is to hand!

But I'm sure you didn't! ;)

Had it been a different episode, I might have struggled for all that information, but as it was I had no need of a guide :o)

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