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That's fucking annoying. I just had to send this e-mail to my two project supervisor type people for my AI project:

My home e-mail account went down at some point on Friday and didn't return until the evening. Consequently, I didn't receive the mail regarding the time of my oral presentation. To be honest, I'm well aware of how stupid it was of me not to come onto campus and check my e-mail from there rather than relying on it being forwarded to me. I've only just now logged in and found that my presentation was scheduled for yesterday.

I just wanted to apologise for wasting your time by not being there. If there's any chance of rescheduling the presentation then I would gladly take it, but I'll not hold my breath.

Again, sorry for messing you about.

James Webley
I'm really pissed off. That was 2% of my degree that I could have really done with, and it was a chance to justify parts of my dissertation that were a bit thin when I handed it in. F'ing Cyberpixels and their shoddy e-mail accounts... I'd been looking out for the e-mail which would tell me when the presentation was, and even checked from home on Tuesday night to see if it was there, which it wasn't... If only I'd done a telnet to the uni server last weekend, I'd have known :o\

I'll change all my forwarding options to a more stable address or something....


That's not good :o\

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You never know, they may allow you to reschedule. Although, if they're anything like the Lecturers at Staffs Uni, they'll revel in being able to tell you to fuck off.

That's why I didn't specifically ask them if I could. I'm well aware that they don't owe me anything, so I didn't actually ask for anything... :o)


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