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Oh the end of the night never comes too quickly for me
I've had a lazy day... I did some revision, but then it got dark, and I have no light in my room (which isn't my fault). So now it's time to sit on the computer, maybe take a short nap, and resume work again tomorrow when it gets light...

But I don't have the right
To be with you tonight
So please leave me alone with no saviour
I will sleep safe and sound with nobody around me

I've been playing lots of guitar today... learning more of Senior Year by AK, as well as learning Can't Help Falling in Love (by UB40 among others), and Strange Glue (by Catatonia)... I've decided that the only way I can possibly stay ahead of Ed on guitar is to just keep practicing and learning new things by working them out for myself. And I played some keyboard earlier (because my room is now tidy enough to do that), which helps me train my ears, note-wise...

When faced with my demons
I clothe them and feed them
And I smile, yes I smile as they're taking me over

Today's activities have been limited. Other than coming home, the only other notable thing I've done was go out and buy bread. Where they helped pack my bags for me, because apparently I look like I need assistance with a simple plastic bag or something. It's very patronising when all I have is a couple of loaves of bread - I mean, how hard can it be?

And if I cannot sleep for the secrets I keep
It's the price I'm willing to meet

It's funny how I constantly seek perfection, and constantly put up with less. I mean look at my exams. I want to get really good marks, but I'd be happy with crap ones because the whole thing is bollocks anyway. Or guitar - I want to play really well, but I'd be happy to just be able to play a few songs I like up to a moderate standard. I don't go after what I want nearly often enough. I can see exactly what I want, and yet, I hold back. Perhaps I should stop doing that and go after what I really want.

*looks at revision*

Perhaps tomorrow ;o)

Frisbee on Saturday.. it'll be nice to throw a disc around again. And I'll go to the doctor sometime soon about my finger, just so y'all stop worrying at me...

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(Deleted comment)
just so y'all stop worrying at me...

That kinda implies we actually were.

If I die from my hand injury, you get no money though ;o)

Hm. Dilemma.

(she's on 0921 23 23 23...)

Have you heard "Apparitions" by the Matthew Good Band? It occurs to me as a song you might like. The guitar is pretty straightforward, too.

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