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First bike: I can't remember... it was a BMX of some description...
First Best friend: Adam
First real memory of something: A nightmare I had when I was little about eyes in the dark
First car: Nope
First partner: Probably Kate
First kiss: Shimi or Karen, I forget which
First break-up: When Laura cheated on me
First job: Preparing refreshments at the community education centre
First screen name: Twoflower / The Unknown James, not sure which is first
First self purchased album: I'm fairly sure it was Craig McLachlan and Check 1-2.
First funeral: Never actually been to one, though I was in the vicinity of my great uncle Ralph's, I believe...
First pet: Pinky, it was a guinea pig...
First prime minister you voted for: One votes for a local MP, not for a prime minister :oP
First piercing/tattoo: Left ear pierced in America, summer 2001
First independent home: This one
First house/flat: A small house in Thame
First credit card: My VISA card...
First independent holiday: Going to Ireland to see Karen in 1999

1. What colour is your hair naturally?
2. What colour is your hair now?
3. Where do you work / study?
University of Sussex
4. Do you enjoy it?
5. Whats your favourite band?
Audio Karate
6. What's your favourite colour?
7. Do you say Harragut or Harrowgate?
8. Have you ever stolen anything?
Nothing significant
9. Would you ever sit in the home end at Valley Parade?
10. Have you ever smoked a cigar?
11. Do you have any pets?
Alfred. She's a cat
12. Have you got a teddy bear or similar?
Yes, Wo-Wo.
14. What do you wear to bed?
15. Bourbon or Digestive?
Bourbon :o)
16. Whats your star sign?
17. Have you ever taken it up the wrong 'un?
Taken? No ;o)
18. Vodka or Whiskey?
19. Whats your middle name?
20. Do you wear make up?
21. Ever had your stomach pumped?
22. What's your local newspaper called?
The Argus
23. What's your favourite smell?
24. What make is your computer monitor?
25. Have you ever swung a punch in anger?
26. Would you ever eat a guinea pig?
Depends how hungry I was
27. Would you shag the queen for a million quid?
Probably a lot less ;o)

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I so do not. You're crazy.

17. Have you ever taken it up the wrong 'un?
Taken? No ;o)

sooooo didn't want to know.

I thought Ste would've told you by now.......

come now jamie, you can do better than that ;)

yes. he *so* can.
I think you have to question a man who'll post that kinda thing free and clear on the net :P


So can you - I don't know why you waste your time on him ;o)

you're one to talk.

just because you can't see a happy, mutual relationship when you see one, jealousy boy...

But.. it's Ste!

Anyway, I had him first....

... think very carefully before you speak.

Did you actually have a point, or are you just here to annoy?

most definately the latter, and provide some slight support for those I call my friends.
plus you annoyed me with an unguardedly nasty comment.

"Unguardedly nasty comment"?

I don't think any of the people actually involved would have thought it was that bad.

Anyway, it's Ste. He's fair game for everybody, by definition.

hmm... so frances's 3 screens of expletives were all in good humour then?

Uh, where exactly are those?

uh... gee, ma, I dunno... try MSN.

just cause you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

or *maybe* it does :P

I get the feeling that Frances can stick up for herself better than you can, if she deems it necessary... I'm not sure exactly how you've helped here.

yes, I'm sure she can, as I am but a weak, witless idiot.

Evidently. You've yet to show me where this "unguardedly nasty comment" is yet.


"Evidently." - see, I'm psychic!

Just cause my self esteem is low doesn't mean you can use me for cheap hits. That's like hitting a crippled child.

oh. no. please. stop.

See previous comment


ok. you win, with such withering wit and cunning reposts, you could be a debutante!

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