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Coding Theory (8% of my degree)
2pm, 19th May

Graph Theory (6% of my degree)
2pm, 21st May

Numerical Theory of ODEs (8% of my degree)
9:30am, 27th May

Ring Theory (6% of my degree)
2pm, 28th May

Topics in Evolutionary Theory (12% of my degree)
9:30am, 30th May

Immediately after

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Jamie, I know you probably don't know much about the touristy side of Brighton, but can you or anyone reading this suggest a guesthouse or hotel that's a) cheap-ish, b) pleasant and c) not millions of miles from the town centre?

Really struggling to find somewhere meeting the above criteria that's not already booked up...

thanks xx

Afraid I can't think of anything, sorry :o\

No worries, thanks anyway, i'll keep looking xx

try some of the places linked from here - I used the same site when finding a place for a night in Cambridge, and it was very useful!

hope that helps..

hey, thank you so much for posting that, it's actually helped me find a really nice hotel. really appreciate your help, thanks loads :o) xxx

thanks and good luck

whoa!good luck on that degree.been fun being around here, it's good comic releif. cioaz!

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