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Confessions of the Elite
I've managed to pull over 15,000 words out of the metaphorical hat in the last week and a half, and in the rush of adrenaline and bullshit, I forgot to put any of them here.

I really despair at what the "online journal community" has become. There are journals which focus around having your opinion validated by people who are desperate to keep their group small in order to look better by comparison. There are journals that people only use in order to find out what 70s sitcom character most matches their collection of irrelevant quiz answers. Fourteen year old girls have journals chronicalling their sexual exploits with guys almost twice their age, and spazz out emo-style every time anybody suggests that any aspect of their lifestyle is questionable. People form communities (whose names usually start anti_*) that serve only to focus negative opinions in one place, where the intensity of it all elevates simple dislike into pure hatred.

And sometimes I can't help but wonder why it is that I still choose to immerse myself in it all. I worked out how to construct my own online journal using PHP and SQL long ago, and yet I hang around here, practically suffocating in the inane pop culture and sheer idiocy of it all. I know I'm guilty of most of the things I listed above anyway - I've been responsible for at least three online tests which spread all over the Internet, and I've been known to post gratuitous pictures of myself just for positive feedback to soothe my huge yet fragile ego.

It used to be different.. journals were just blogs, and you used your own webspace, and it was an individual affair. Suddenly it's a community thing, and it transcends a daily account of life and become a social tool, a mechanism, and starts getting ridiculous. The "find random user" feature on LiveJournal is one of the single most depressing links I've ever clicked on the Internet (yes, worse than You want to see society collapsing in real-time? Take a look at "the youth of today". I despair, I really do.

And I know it's elitist crap coming from somebody who probably isn't in a position to talk, but I've got nothing against damning myself. It's not hypocrisy if I admit to being wrong myself - it's just bad practise. With hindsight, perhaps I should have just kept up the silence I was maintaining there....

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I know it's elitist crap coming from somebody who probably isn't in a position to talk

No it isn't. You've hit the fucking nail on the head. Livejournal serves to highlight what's wrong with "yoof culture" more than anything else these days, and we're all part of it, that's the tragedy. And that's why "hating on it" isn't snobbish, because we're part of it. If we're fucking generalised by the media then why can't we generalise ourselves?

This post had a point I think, but somewhere along the line, my attention span, which has been raped time and time again by online quizzes and surveys, diverted my focus elsewhere and I lost it. But yeh, you've got it right dude. We all suck.

You've not tasted depression till you click the "random journal" link on Blurty.

great points.unfortunately,i'm too young to even remember the age where a livejournal is just a blog.who said it was a community thing anyway?(dont point at me)I only wander in here every now and then for comic relief. once in a while, i'll open my mouth to the vulnerability of possible fire from you.Other times, i'll shut up.bye-dee-bye

Maybe you've just...grown out of it?

Nah.. I still like using my journal for exactly the same reasons I used to. It's just the environment that surrounds my journal that's gone stupid. It didn't used to be like this....

Looks and intelligence...I hear you about what you said, when it comes to diaries. I am constantly searching for diaries that have some insight....or a lack of "What type of goth are you?" And I know we're all guilty of taking the quizes, and filling out the surveys...But what I try to accomplish is a sense of knowledge that hopefully someone will get about who I am. I'm intensely hungover and it's really this is just the babble of a bored person, but uh....
More power to you for that entry.


Hi, I came across your LJ today through one of the "dumb blonde" links...It admittedly took me 4 or 5 to stop clicking.

Anyway, I found this entry very interesting as I am about to sit down and write part of a final for my Media Studies class on the subculture that has sprung up around LiveJournals. Your commentary was pretty much what I've been thinking...and yet I just started one. Interesting. The transition from the weblogs of yesteryear to the "quiz diaries" of today, I think, can be seen as the reappropriation of the weblog into mainstream culture. Or, at the very least, is what I'll be trying to say in my essay.

Hope I don't freak you out with this random post :)


I think Livejournal is wicked. I read friends journals, and journals written by people who are different enough from me for me to find reading about their lives interesting, and journals written by people with something interesting to say.

And I'll tell you what, I spent my "yoof" reading, learning, working, online, playing games or whatever, and I tell you what, I'm totally cool with who I am today, but I wish I'd spent a bit more time smoking behind the bikesheds and shagging underage girls at parties, haha. You've gotta give people time and space to grow up.

In any case, yeah, a lot of "youth culture" is fucked up, but I would say that most of that "culture" is sold to kids, so if you want to point a finger, there are better places to point it than at kids.

Don't despair, jamuek!

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