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Girls, music and sleep
I've been thinking. And, in order to pre-empt your comments, yes, it did hurt. Specifically, I've been thinking about my taste in music. What got me interested in various bands? What music do I still listen to that I used to? Anyhow, let's look at the bands I bought the most albums by (specifically those I still listen to):
  • Beautiful South - I used to listen to a couple of Beautiful South albums on tape when going on holiday when I was little, and for this reason (and the fact that they'd recently done a couple of new good songs) I decided to buy their Best Of... album.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - I asked for their album for Christmas because I liked the song Scar Tissue, and felt that theirs was a style of music I ought to get into. Consequently, one of their songs (Otherside) helped my guitar playing more than any other song (at least at the time), I think. Which is good.
  • Everclear - Back in about May '99, my bestest ever friend Brian sent me four MP3s by Everclear, a band who until that point I'd only heard mentioned in the "Everything to Everyone - Go listen to Everclear" thread in AGTS (I think it was there). He sent me "Blondes", "Heroin Girl", "Summerland" and "Fire Maple Song". I didn't much like the first two (still don't, especially), but the second two I enjoyed very much. Especially Fire Maple Song, which is still one of my favourite Everclear tracks. He subsequently sent me a few more songs, and then made a couple of CDs for me, which also had more tracks. Eventually, I went out and bought three of their albums, just so I could own them.
  • Goo Goo Dolls - Watching MTV in America, there were just a few bands I really liked. Goo Goo Dolls were one. I was there at about the same time they released the single of Slide (which had been released back home shortly before, and was almost immediately followed by the release of Iris), so I vaguely knew the song, but saw it a lot on MTV. I initially went out and bought the single of it, since I liked it so much. However, one of their (slightly) older songs, Dizzy, was on MTV too. And I liked that so much that I just bought the whole album. However, during my time there, I only listened to tracks 1, 2, 10 and 11. It was only on the ride out of Manhattan to the airport that I eventually heard track 3, and the rest. On arrival back home, I listened to the whole thing lots, then went out and bought a few other albums by them, just because they're so damned good :o)
  • James - Simple one this... I listened to Destiny Calling by James on the album Shine 10 while I was out in Ireland. I had enjoyed songs such as Sit Down and She's A Star, so I thought "heck, why not" and got their Best Of... album for Christmas. Amusingly, Destiny Calling is in fact one of my least favourite tracks on the album, my favourites being Tomorrow, Out To Get You, Runaground, and Sometimes.
  • Lightning Seeds - I bought their Best Of... album while I was home alone during the October '99 half term. Karen had broken up with me a couple of weeks before, and I was feeling somewhat depressed, since that was the time we were meant to be spending together. So I decided to treat myself and buy the album, since it had "Marvellous", the song from the Renault Scenic ads. I subsequently bought their newest album, simply because it looked quite nice, and I liked a couple of songs I'd heard off it.
  • Live - Another band that Brian introduced me to. He sent me one song, Lakini's Juice, and on the strength of that one song I bought the album it was on. I then bought their newest album, followed by the other two in quick succession, each time having never heard a single track on them before buying them.
  • Moby - I expect I wrote about this on my journal all those months ago. Or perhaps I just missed it - I think so. I got my journal at about the same time as I got my job, in July / August 99, and got this album at the same sort of time. Anyhow, after the X-Files episode Closure (my favourite one), I positively loved My Weakness by Moby. Of course, I didn't know what it was, or even that it was available. I was wandering around Thame (as the bored zombies of the area do when nothing else is happening) while my family were on holiday, and went to the Record House to buy a few singles. My Weakness was playing on the shop speakers, and I rushed over to the desk, asked what song it was, and immediately bought the album that second. I'm very glad I did :o)
  • OMD - Wow, this is going back a bit.... I liked Sailing on the Seven Seas when it came out, back in '91 or whenever it was... I also really loved Pandora's Box by them, but could never find that afterwards. I wanted both songs, and got hold of one by buying "Now 1991", but the other eluded me. I finally got it on Napster, but decided to buy their Best Of... album anyway, since I quite liked them. So I did, and now I have it :o)
  • Oasis - I was at Dan Sheerin's house, in his room when he played me his very recently bought tape of (WTS) Morning Glory. At the time, being 13 and all, I hadn't heard of Oasis. By this time they were probably quite big, but of course when you're that age, you hardly notice what's popular with everybody else. I was one of the first Oasis fans in my year, which was nice. After hearing Don't Look Back in Anger in the first week of release of the album, I went out and bought myself my own copy. I subsequently bought the Be Here Now album, before becoming wholly disillusioned with the whole thing and giving up on them :o)
  • Offspring - Like the Chili Peppers, I had heard one or two songs, and thought that getting their album would improve my range of music CDs. Additionally, TMA told me that I'd probably like them, and what better encouragement is there? :o) I can honestly say that I like each and every track on the CD, which is generally quite rare.
  • Pixies - Fight Club. Finishes on the excellent opening guitar riff from Where Is My Mind by The Pixies. So I got that track off David, and then bought their Best Of... album, simply because I figured I'd like their other stuff. I like most of the stuff, although I still only know a couple of songs' names :o)
  • Radiohead - Another easy one. Karma Police. I heard this song on Shine 10 with Karen, and decided to get hold of all (then) three Radiohead albums based on that one thing. Since then, I've found some of my favourite songs ever on those things, so I've not been at all disappointed.
  • Semisonic - Heard Secret Smile, and specifically also heard Singing in my Sleep on the B-side to that (which is still my favourite Semisonic song) while I was in Durham working with my father, and so decided to go to their concert. I wasn't disappointed, the concert was great (and rather calm compared to others since), and as a result I bought both albums, plus all their singles. I can proudly say that I own both CD singles of Secret Smile, Singing in my Sleep and Closing Time, plus both albums, plus the Pleasure EP. I shall, no doubt, get their new album and single when they're out.
  • Sugar Ray - Like Goo Goo Dolls, I saw Sugar Ray on MTV in the states. Every Morning was played a lot, and I positively loved the song. Even now, I'd do anything to get hold of the video for it, it was so good. After seeing both Every Morning (which to this day is still one of my favourite songs) and Fly on MTV, I decided to get the two albums they were on, so I did. The second is better, in my opinion, but I still love both and listen to them (hence their inclusion on this list).
  • Travis - Another Ireland one. Listened to The Man Who with Karen, and More Than Us was "our song" apparently, so obviously I had to buy both Travis albums for that. I guess I felt that I needed some way of remembering it all or something. Travis are now one of my favourite bands, for songs such as Turn (which they later destroyed by making it a single and chopping bits out of it), Driftwood, Writing to Reach You, and Last Laugh of the Laughter.
Anyhow, so yes, those are the songs I like, and in many cases, the girls who inspired me to like them. Well that takes care of two of the items in the subject, so onto the third....

Sleeping. For some reason, I went to bed at 2am last night, and woke up at 6am, unable to get back to sleep. It seems my over-sleeping has caught up with me finally, and my body doesn't need so much sleep now. That's a bit annoying. Still, it means I'm up in excellent time for my lectures. Workshop first on Programming - the first I've attended. Hopefully I can do it, because otherwise I'll feel a bit of a twit. It's all applet stuff, which is easy enough, I think. I'll be coding the back-end of the applet, which is designed to hold information about a cinema and stuff. It also requires a password. Ooh :o)

OK, time to get ready and stuff. More later, I expect :o)

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shit....does fight club end with where is my mind? saw it like 2 days ago and didnt notice. i've had surfer rosa/come on pilgrim for 3 years....shows how much i've listened to it. i put it on now. thanx

Personally I don't think their "Best of..." is particularly their best...most of the songs on it are actually cut down versions of the originals and I prefer the originals.

I'd recommened Miaow for generally good songs, Blue is the Colour for when you're feeling a bit down and Painting it Red (preferably the limited edition if you can get hold of it) for more generally good songs : )

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