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1. About You

(a) Who are you? Jamie Crudpicket de Foozlefloppen
(b) What are you? Demonstrably insane, immeasurably intelligent, hopelessly emotional, destructively lazy
(c) Why are you? Because here and now needs me
(d) When are you? I am forever
(e) Where are you? Wherever I feel like being. Which right now is in Brighton

2. Thoughts And Views

(a) Your favourite literary quote? I'm not really one for "literature", as such. I fail to see its applicable value, when pop culture serves the same purpose half the time. You can find culture anywhere. Consequently, I don't have a favourite literary quote.
(b) Your favourite lyrical quote? But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world somehow I have to find
(c) Why? Because the one time in my life when I ever felt like killing myself, that line stopped me
(d) What happens when we die? The key that is our consciousness fits into the next lock that comes along, and it all begins again
(e) What is your opinion on your current government? I think they are cunts
(f) Aside from in self-defence, is murder justified in certain situations? If so, which? Only if the person wants to die. Otherwise, the taking of a life is pretty much unacceptable
(g) What is your political stance? I believe that everybody should have a fair chance, that people should be able to go where they please, and that justice should apply to everybody in exactly the same way.
(h) What is your religious leaning? It's a pagan collection of various beliefs which just made sense, and fitted in with my view of how the world works.

3. Everybody Knows...

(a) When would you say you 'grew up' and stopped being a child? Two years ago, more or less
(b) Did a specific event cause this? Not really, it was gradually over about a year - triggered by uni, finished off by going to America
(c) Do you think you're fairly well-adjusted in life? At times
(d) Would you be willing to take part in a Big Brother style show? Absolutely, I tend not to turn down adventures
(e) Share one secret: Make me

4. How did it come to this?

(a) Describe your current employment/educational status: Amidst my finals, degree in Maths and AI
(b) Relationship status: regina_thesuper
(c) Financial situation: Poor as fuck
(d) Physical health: Fightin' fit
(e) Mental health: Daft

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(Deleted comment)
It was on a CD somebody gave me, and therefore is a read-only file, and therefore I can't fix the ID3 tag. I know it's Mansun (or WAS, since they broke up :oP)

(a) Describe your current employment/educational status: Amidst my finals, degree in Maths and AI

I forgot you weren't just doing Maths and was rather scared when I saw my name. This was before my brain kicked in and made me realise what a stupid thought I'd just had.

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