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(no subject)
Am back in Brighton, after a couple of days back home...

I've had a thought... why don't spammers send spam e-mail with pictures in it which have arguments? Like /someimage.jpg?email=james@davidandjames.com which would then tell some webserver somewhere that the e-mail address is valid? That way, the person's browser (if it was Outlook or AOL or something) would verify the e-mail address for the spammer, which would surely make it more valuable - after all, every spammer wants to know who opens and reads e-mail... I think it'd be a good idea. Uh, for spammers. And therefore it's a bad idea. It was just a suggestion....

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Isn't that what a lot of spammers do already by including a link to "unsubscribe" from whatever list it is that you're apparently on?

So the people who actually think it'll work only end up validating the existence of their address.

Of course that requires participation on the part of the luser by clicking on the link, and I think it has been drummed into 90% of the stupidest freeserve users that clicking links in spam emails is a bad thing.

However Jaime's idea would require you only to open the email and load the image, thereby verifying your email address without you knowing it, as long as you opened the email.

What he is trying to do is make a new breed of clever spammers, and therefore should either be decapitated, or made to share the wealth he makes between anyone with a big enough pointy stick.


You have to admit, it's a cool idea ;o)

Indeed, you have the workings of a very evil person inside that "i'm really quite liberal, honest" mind of yours.

You should be careful with ideas like that though, you have heard about the Bush/Cheney war against Spam? After he heard about this destructive weapon that can jam inboxes in seconds he promised a crusade to irradicate it from the world by EMP'ing anything that looks slightly like a computer, or once knew a computer, or once knew....(fade to black)

(Deleted comment)
To my knowledge, they've not yet started using uniquely coded images to verify e-mail addresses - it's only links that they've used thus far...

Web Bugs

They do use a very similar technique (web-bugs) - except most of the time the images are 1x1 pixel and transparent. See
this for more info (http://www.infinisource.com/features/web-bugs.html).


But wouldn't it mean they'd have to go through each email, adding the right email address argument to each image, thus defeating the point of being able to email a million people the same email with one click...
Although there's probably some way you could automate it, I'd imagine.


All spam is automated, and a lot of the time, each one is customized to the person it's being sent to. "Click here to unsubscribe" links often contain the e-mail address to which the mail was sent, so why not the arguments of an image?

Yes... I've had HTML processing turned off in Outhouse Distress for some time now.

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