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Never let it be said that James Bell never has any phenomenally good ideas which drag me out of my pit of depression and sort my life out. The solution to all my little woes (I hope), is this....

University Radio Falmer

For a small fee of £7.50, I get... well...
By joining you will receive training in producing and presenting programmes for broadcast on URF, with the opportunity to go on air. You will also be able to work on speech-based programmes, with free membership to TalkURF
Not bad, eh? He got me thinking, when he was talking about his radio slot (Sunday, 2pm-3pm on Southampton Uni's radio station), and I thought heck, why not? :o)

Hopefully I'll feel better if I'm doing something with my life - I feel better just thinking about it :o)

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Oh man, I would KILL if there were something like that at my uni!!!! And you're so witty and everything, you'd be absolutely brilliant on the radio.


I wish.... The problem is, firstly I don't actually see the whole witty thing at all. I can't see what the hell it is that people think is so witty about me.

Secondly, if there is such a thing, it's probably one of those things that I need a tiny bit of time to think about. I am vastly funnier online for the reason that while my hands are busy typing, I can think way ahead in what I want to say. On the radio, on the other hand, I'd have to think faster :o(

Witty: Trust me, you just ARE.

Radio: Hey, try it ... I mean, EVERYONE's first few goes on a university radio station sound nervous and so forth. That's the bonus, there's only so many people that listen to university radio stations. 8-) Excellent spot to fumble along and see if you're good at it!!!

Please? You're such fun - if James In Person is anywhere near as entertaining as James Via Internet (and obviously the potential is there or you wouldn't be able to entertain us like this), then you should be entertaining LOTS of people. :-)

Bah... I can but try :o)

Exactly. :-) I'm sure you'll be magnificent. *HUG*

And if the impossible happens and you're NOT magnificent, at least you'll know, right? ;-)

Either that, or I'll just go straight into producing the 3am slots :o)

Ooh, an even better idea. 8-)

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