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Guy Ritchie has the cutest baby boy ever... I want one!

Damnit, I'm getting all broody... And thanks to my injury, I can't have sex for two weeks :o\

Want babies....

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I don't think so!!!

Hey Guy Ritchie is MINE! I saw him first!

Re: I don't think so!!!

I don't want him. I just want to have a baby as cute as his one is :oP

I'm sorry! I misread that as "Guy Ritchie IS the cutest baby boy in the world"

I thought you were trying to mack on my man!

By the way I like the purple hair from before.

You can keep him!

Pffft. Brad Pitt was a lot cuter than Guy Ritchie in Snatch.

I know Guy Ritchie directed Snatch, but he was in it too? *Confused*

Re: You can keep him!

He was "Man With Newspaper"...

Saved on a technicality!

Lol, that's so random!

i want babies too :( gah it's so nice to know that boys get broody too!


I want babies lots and lots... more than anything...

me too. My mum doesn't understand why i don't want a career when i'm older. I just want to be a baby making machine. She laughed when i told her that :/

Obviously I cannot make the babies myself, but I'm determined to look after them. I need to find a career-minded woman who'll work while I stay at home with the kids :o)


*but also crosses legs* ;P

And thanks to my injury, I can't have sex for two weeks

/me considers asking about this

/me rejects asking as 'too personal' and 'why do I even want to know?'

Because it's hilarious? ;o)

I want a baby some day! Though, I'm pretty much a kid right now (half the time I act like a 5 year old when I'm hyper)... so some day.

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