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Spot the difference :o)

If you know, don't tell people ;o)

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, exactly :o)

*deletes your comment so nobody reads it*

hehe, that was fun, i like this game ;)

I always have only one ear :oP


you only have a neck upwards?

i don't know why i've never noticed this before.. you have really cute ears. or maybe it's just your left ear :D

My ears stick out too much :o\

one of them has in fact dominated sweden!

(i know! i think.)

piercing on t'other side.

maybe i'm missing something else here, but i like the red dwarf poster in the background.. ;)

shaved off face fluff?

Good grief, that's a nice userpic :o)

And, uh, partly :o)

you're too polite to me. be mean.

and what's the rest of it?

You sexy bitch, I hate you and your beauty!

(mean enough? ;o)

And the real answer is, as some people noticed, that my eyebrow piercing is now on the other side :o)

not mean enough, not true enough either.

and yes, i see it now.

Would it count as mean if I insult your loser boyfriend? Because I can do that ;o)

i think there was an insult in there already. and i know how proficient you and a lot of people are at insulting him

thankfully he's equally proficient at dishing it out :P

Aww, look at you getting all protective and sticking up for the lame sod ;o)

awww, look at you patronising me and then sticking a silly smiley at the end of it in order to make sure it's impossible to me to get offended :P

Hope Rimini was fun,I enjoyed spain. I just handed in my dissertation!!!!!!! hahahahahah, spk soon, Love Becca xx

I think it's the shadow, but it looks less like you than in other pics I've seen of you.... o.o

I know what it is

You have only got one of those metal thingys on your head...

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