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(no subject)
Reading is clearly the festival to go to. Look at the lineup!!!

The Used
The Datsuns
The Streets
The Libertines
The Music
The White Stripes
The Polyphonic Spree
The Cooper Temple Clause
The Mars Volta

I mean honestly... I'm mostly just going for Placebo, Blur and Blink anyway....

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just happen to feature in the same issue of Rolling Stone, in fact they are on the same page as The Ataris. If you want I'll type up the article, or scan it, or summat.

Also, why do the bands have silly names? Back when I were a lad and going to Reading the bands had proper names like:

Van Der Graf Generator
Vinegar Joe
Wishbone Ash
Audience (alway found it very confusing as I was in the audience but not in Audience, if you see what I mean)

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