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With huge great big blonde streaks running through my hair, I think it's about time I bought some more dye and fixed it....

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You're hair looks nice, too. ;)

I like my poster too - it has Ace Rimmer on it, and therefore rocks :o)

I think it looks pretty! :) pie.

Wow, I didn't think it was possible for you to look any more of a tit than you did before. Congratulations!

Did you realise you have a caterpillar crawling along your chin?

you shouldn't have fixed it. that actually looked good! ;P

'lo Sheepie, it's been a while :o)

I prefer it like this:

Solid colour, mmm

yeah, it has been a while. i've been, um... oh, fuck, who am i kidding? i'm lazy.

i still liked it better before. not saying it doesn't look good, but... c'mon. trust me. i am pepe, fashion guru to the stars.


guys are very attractive where u live....thats it i'm leaving my country....... rather go to brazil tho.

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