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This is how my left hand is able to bend. Note, all fingers can bend fully

This is the most I can bend the fingers on my right hand. Note the fact that my middle finger simply won't do it

To me, this looks swollen, and pointing in the wrong direction. Hmm....

I may go back to the doctor sometime - it's been a month since I broke it, and it doesn't look fixed....

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(Deleted comment)
Ha, "go to a doctor, you stupid man" was a pretty good guess. You're so predictable ;o)

(Deleted comment)
"I'm a man not a boy, man not a boy, MAN not a boy..."

North and South - respect!

Cut off your hand... it's the only way they can fix.

That's what my mum would say. And she's a nurse.

me too. i'll do it for you if you like. *sharpens bread knife* mmm... sawing.

I can help! I have had practice ehehehe

you should cut the finger off and replace it with a fork.

like this :D


(Deleted comment)
I told them I'd do it myself, and never got around to it. Then I played a lot of frisbee with it...

translation: it's his wanking hand. :P

Oi... I wasn't able to do that for ages after the injury - but then you came back from Thailand, and it wasn't so important :o)

*sigh* i am only for sex... still, i suppose as possessor of a punana, it's my lot. *sigh* :P

coming from a person who has broken lots of bones lots of times:
it is broken.
especially if its still swollen after a month. if it was only sprained, then it would have taken 3-6 weeks to heal. and only would have been swollen 1 week max.
get it x-rayed. it wont be that scary. really.

Its nothing Photoshop can't cure!

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