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Everybody act natural
The thought occurs that I've barely updated since returning from Rimini... The only explanation I can offer is that since getting back, the noteworthiness of my life (is that a word?) is, by contrast, a lot lower.

Let's see... Today, I played Frisbee for three hours, worked on my dissertation, ate pizza, watched Twelve Monkeys, spoke to people online, played guitar, etc.

It's a formula common to every day really - eat, nap, play frisbee, eat, work, talk online, watch TV...

If I was doing something, I'd be writing about it. I've been thinking a lot lately, but it's not the sort of thing I can really talk about. I bet you don't even care :o)

Sometimes when I walk into an empty room, I wonder if there are people there and it's just that I can't see them. So I try not to do anything embarassing, in case they're watching me...

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......but embarrassing yourself is funny!

Argh... you're as crazy as me ;) Hadn't thought of that one though... so now I have a new reason for paranoia... ;)

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