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Tidy tidy tidy...
People want to watch Dogma tonight (hope the DVD works fine - I had problems the other day), so I have to tidy my room. I hate when that happens - you literally couldn't see the floor in here for paper and clothes, but now I've had to tidy it. Nuts...

Anyhow, the club last night was good - I just remembered that they played both Forgot About Dre and The Next Episode - quality songs there... However, one slightly troubling thing is that when Becky came into the club, she inadvertently stepped in a pool of bloody outside - apparently there had been an attack. This does not give me the utmost confidence in things, to be perfectly honest. Especially since, foolish child that I am, I'd probably take on anybody who started on any of my friends. Thus, if I or anybody I know pisses somebody enough that a fight breaks out, my money is on me getting into it. And, feeble child that I am, I'd probably get my arse kicked. Ho hum....

Anyway, back to tidying now. Does the fun never end? :o)

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Nope, it doesn't, especially when our rooms look the way they do. I dunno about you, but I just *have* to read through anything I find when I feebly attempt to tidy up my room. Which makes the process incredibly slow.

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