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Top row: Adele, Roof, Vicky, Waggle, Francis, Tom, Loz, Helena, Me, Staffan, Petra, Chinothon, Giles, Julia
Bottom row: Maggie, Russ, Ben, Emily, Jimbo, Felix, Vicky, Penny, David, Petri

Russ, Staffan, Helena, David, Adele, Vicky, Jon, Ben, Me, Penny

If you pass out, people balance things on you....

Petri charged at me, and at the last moment I stepped out of the way, leaving a trailing leg. This picture was taken half a second before he fell to the floor in a heap.... :o)

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Well aren't you a cutie.
Yum, yum, yum.

I look awful in every single picture though.... :o)

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