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Greetings from Paganello
I am typing on a weird keyboard so forgive errors in punctuation. While I have no idea where the apostrophe is, I can type èòàùç so there.

Lets see, whats happening... Hmm...

Well, arrived on Wednesday night, an hour late... Finally got a train which had way too many people on, and finally arrived in Rimini at something like 2am. Thats Day 1

Day 2 began comfortably late, and we went down to the beach to play some Frisbee. Was quite fun, and I got reasonably burned (or tanned, we shall just have to see)

Then on the Thursday night, we went to the opening party... twas great fun - there were gymnasts and fireworks and as much free wine as you can drink (i.e. a lot).

Not much happened at the party really - there was a lot of fighting, drinking, dancing, and lots and lots and lots of fun, woo!

Now onto the actual Ultimate.. we have lost the first four games, but we didnt expect to win them... One of the teams who beat us have just gone on to beat the number one seeds, so its not so bad.

In the first game, I didnt do much, on account of how I was a bit scared and stuff - this is a big thing and all.

In the second game, I scored a point (woo!) - I caught the disc just inside the endzone and then it was pulled out of my hands, but the D player who did it owned up and let us have the point, so yay...

In the third game, I was actually being really useful... I had gone long, and the handlers were getting into trouble, so I cut straight down the middle and received the disc just ahead of my marker, before throwing it to Felix. Another couple of passes, and I was in the endzone, and pulled off a beautiful (in my opinion anyway) grab for the score. And then assisted in another point for us.

In the fourth game (our first today), I was mostly running D rather than O, because we scored enough points to put the other team on offence a fair bit. Apparently my force was quite good, and I did manage to stay all over their players, even though one point dragged on for about five minutes (and sprinting on sand for that long isnt fun). Then we got it to their endzone, and I made a cut behind their players, and Felix threw me an inside-out break-force sidearm, which I didnt see until it came over my marker's head (found the apostrophe now). I managed to twist around and grab it out of the air with one hand, for another point. Yay!

Anyhow, yes, I'm having a lot of fun, playing quite well, and it's all good. My finger has stopped hurting since I started just using it a lot (though it's still swollen), and now my feet hurt because I burned them quite badly.. Still, I'm using sunblock now, so it's okay.

I've eaten lots of stuff. Piadina Grudo, pasta, sweet pepper pizza (I forgot that Peperone means something different here), breakfast each morning, and stuff. Go me.

Anyhow, I'll try to update in the next few days. Back home on Tuesday, cant wait to see Rach (love you). Bye :o)

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you... you ate... wha?

anyway *kiss* see you tuesday. hurry up and come home so i can laugh at your silly tan marks :P

Piadina Grudo.

Or maybe it was the "pasta" that was throwing you off?

no. it was the fact that jamie only consumes 4 different food types. or, more expressively grease in various badness levels ;) hence his consumption of a LOW FAT food type required my astonishment. incidentally, i do know of italian food. i work in an italian restarant. so poo you. :P

Let's see...

1. Bacon sandwiches
2. Grilled cheese
...Okay, I'm stumped. What are the other two? :) I'd say root beer, but that doesn't really qualify as food.

i work in an italian restarant. so poo you. :P

Oh yeah? Well, so do I. Well, I did. So I knew what he meant by "pasta", too. So nyeh. :P

hehe. hmm:

1) grilled cheese
2) bacon sandwiches
3) pizza
4) nachos.


Nachos! Right! It's been a long time, but I vaguely recall seing him eat nachos in a pub once. The pizza bit is a new one for me, but it certainly fits into his consumption ontology comfortably.

well exactly. he likes a lot of what we all call MEAT, too. and the nachos are very strict. none of that sour cream nonsense. CALCIUM?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

he likes a lot of what we all call MEAT




Thanks for posting the update, TB. I've been dying of curiosity. Glad to hear that you're all upholding our tradition this year of going for the spoon!

hey, your site made me laugh.

(another xanga minion)

your song

I downloaded "Betrayed". What a lovely voice you have! (if that is in fact you singing) :o)

random passerby

hey, my names kelsey. i somehow stumbled into your blog. im impressed. your war comentary is hilarious. Good luck in italy!

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