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Well, I'm awake. Finally. Thankfully, after a litre and a half of water last night, I'm not especially messed in the head. I inadvertantly missed everything today, on account of getting to bed at about 7am. Anyhow....

So I found my bottle of brandy on the table this morning. I asked people, but they say that nobody else drank any at all. This is bad, because I drank half the bottle (it's a small 35cl bottle), which equates to about 8 units, e.g. 4 doubles. I then had two or three doubles at Grapevine, making for a total of 12 units, or the equivalent of 6 pints of beer. Unlike the beer, however, I drank all of this having had only about a pint of other liquid (apple juice, then coke). Ouchies... No wonder my head was so fucked last night. However, it's nice to know that I'm once more able to drink vast (ish) quantities of brandy without feeling too ill... I rule :o)

Not got much else to report - have been spending most of my time just chatting to the others. Vicky has gone home for the weekend (it's her birthday), so life is slightly more empty. I shall get her present at the weekend, and surprise her with it on Monday when she comes home. Hooray :o)


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