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I love how CNN makes engines of death into cool toys to play with...

I also especially love the bit at the bottom. Where it gives examples of weapons that each nation has. Under WMD, it lists the USA as having

"Chemical and biological defense"
"Nuclear, biological, chemical detection"
"Tactical nuclear warheads"

And Iraq as having.. well.. all manner of things, look at the damned site.

1) Did they find any of those agents? No.

2) Who supplied those agents in the first place? The west

3) Who researched and developed those agents in the first place? The west

I mean yeesh... I've heard right wing Americans refer to CNN as the "Communist News Network", yet from where I'm standing, it's still biased to the right by a long way. I can't think of a single mainstream US news service that's even remotely central, let alone to the left of the political spectrum. Yet I can name half a dozen far-right ones off the top of my head. Scary, isn't it.

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Gangrene as a WMD? Hahahahahahahahaha.

Oh, that's fuckin' great. Where do you find this stuff?

Note: Some images of the agents Iraq is suspected of having are graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Real cute. They could have left it at note: Some images may be graphic. or Images of weapons of mass destruction and the horrifying effects they have on their victims (whether they be owned by the United States or Iraq) may cause a deep, emotional, karmic sickness and make small children cry. Please go to your nearest house of religion and pray, pray that it will all end quickly for us.

But no. It's all about Iraq. I love how every other lists favors the coalition but this one. And the items that are listed under the U.S. are tactical, defensive, used for detection. Three neat little items. Short, suscinct, apologetic. Cute. Real cute.

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