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Damn straight
I scored
on the classic 400 Point Purity Test!
Take the test here!

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(Deleted comment)
Pffft... It's not my fault I'm full of fun! :o)

nikki, it's probably best you don't look at my score, and continue to believe i resemble jo, from little women. :P

jamie, i know i said i was going to bed, but i didn't want to in the end, and now msn wont let me back in... bastards. :( just so you didn't think i was ignoring you... ;)

Heh, you dirty ;o)

MSN is cruel. Watch the video some more ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Who is "he"? Sounds ominous....

(Deleted comment)
Oh, that picture... Yeah, I got that....

Oooh, that's the lowest (highest?) score on my friends list so far.
Well done! <3

I've tried very hard :o)

I think you cheated.

i think he cheated too, the big cheateepoo.

I might have been a little enthusiastic on a couple of questions, but that'd only account for a couple of percent...

And I certainly didn't lie on anything like the 50 questions necessary for me to score above you ;o)

Heh, I'm 89.75% pure. Man, I'm boring...


Beatcha. ;)

Only 22.5% Pure.

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