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That's Cheered me up a bit...
Just been out in the kitchen.... Present were Ebs, Mice, Vicky, Lollo and Nick. As I entered, Nick was in the process of pouring a large volume of water over Lollo's head, and was himself pretty soaked. I could guess the story up to that point. A little later, James came out briefly, and Lollo sprayed him with water too - well, I figured I didn't want to miss the fun, so I went and got a bottle of water, and sprayed Lollo with it. Revenge was swift and damp :o(

Anyhow, that was a bit of fun. Ebs then accidentally burned a hole through our kettle, so we need a new one now. I went to make myself food, then remembered that I need to buy some. Here's my shopping lits for tomorrow:


These two things are of vital importance, because without them I can't make toast. Right now, I'm sat in my room spreading marmite and peanut butter onto slices of cheese :o)

Oh, almost forgot - watched Dogma today. Very good film. Review to follow soonish :o)

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You do have enough cheese, bread and marmite, yes?

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