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Yet here I am, listening to the wind blow through your empty head
Rachel rocks

Brak rocks

Sealab 2021 rocks


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Talking of the dead pier/peer...

...I might be coming down to Brighton for a few days in May/June for my friend's birthday and haven't been there for about 6 years so am a little rusty on the Brighton scene! Can you (or anyone else who's reading this and knows Brighton) recommend any cool places to visit, shop, drink, eat, go sightseeing, any of the things you've just gotta do while you're there? Would help a lot otherwise we'll probably just get drunk at the first pub we see and fall asleep on the beach...! Looking for a nice B&B too if you know any. Cheers folks, it'll help a lot as I'm organising most of the trip and I have enough trouble organising myself to get out of bed in the mornings... :P

Ash xxx

Re: Talking of the dead pier/peer...

My recommendation is this:

Arrive at Brighton station, walk down the road until you hit Wetherspoons, drink there until practically unconscious, keep walking down the road, arrive at the beach, look left (that's the Palace Pier), look right (that's the West Pier), then collapse...

But seriously, I'm not sure what you'd really be into or anything, and since I live here, I'm not so great at working out what day-trippers would really want to do/see. But I'll look into the club thing, see if I can think of somewhere you'd like...

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