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What an Evening
Wow.... Where to start. Firstly, let me tell you that the evening was a bust, before anybody thinks that I'm about to recall a tale of wonderous events. All went horribly wrong, from a James point of view. Well, not too wrong, but still.... Here's how things went.

So anyhow, had a shower at about 6pm (naked webcam photos to follow if anybody asks me nicely enough ;o), and got dressed up ready for going out. It's Vicky's birthday on Sunday, and this is her last night here before she goes home. So we started off the drinking here - Vicky and Lollo downed about 4 vodkas and two Archers. I downed 5 brandies with them, not wishing to be at all out-done. We then went to East Slope, once everybody was ready, and had a few drinks there. I, however, decided that I didn't need any more alcohol at that point - I hadn't eaten all that much today, and those brandies were hitting me kinda hard. So I just sat in East Slope, chatting to Vicky, Alan and Lollo. At one point, I pilferred (woah, now there's a spelling disaster if I ever saw one) Vicky's handcuff keys, and put them on my keychain. Heh...

Anyhow, eventually we moved on to The Grapevine. By this time, present were myself, Vicky, Claire, Annie, Alex, Ebs, Mice, Harry, Lollo, Joyce, James, Sarah, Simon, Marryat, and God knows who else. I had another two double brandies there (I think it was two - may have been three, I forget). I was totally fucked (alcohol wise), and I'm just surprised that I held it so well... Things at this point were actually quite good, and at about ten past ten we left to get the bus to the Honey Club. There wasn't much space, so half of us were downstairs, half upstairs. At one point in Brighton, the upstairs lot (including me) looked out the window, and saw the downstairs lot walking away from the bus - oops! We tried to leave the bus, but we weren't allowed, so we had to go another stop down, and walk back. Ouch... :o)

So then we get to the club. About ten minutes in, Alex isn't feeling well due to excessive alcohol consumption. Her and Claire decide that they want to leave and go home, and I decide to go with them (clubs aren't really my thing, as people ought to know by now). I was sat on one of the nice chairs there when I told Vicky, who immediately stood behind me, flung her arms around my neck, and started nibbling on my ear lobe. I'm sorry, but how the hell am I meant to leave if Vicky is going to do that, eh? So I stayed, and she sat on my lap for a bit. I resisted the temptation to try anything, simply because if I can't have her sober, I don't want her at all. James actually said I should go for it, but I decided against it.

Anyhow, Vicky soon went off and handcuffed herself to Mice (after demanding the key off me), and the two of them then went dirty dancing with Ebs and Nick. I dunno if Vicky pulled Nick, but after watching them dancing close, I turned away and didn't much want to watch. Chatted to James for quite a while, and then Annie and Harry decided to go home too. This is about an hour in, and I wasn't having fun yet, so I decided to go too, as did James. When I said goodbye to Vicky, she took one of my fingers, started sucking it, and then bit it hard. Ouch. It hurt, rather. She then took another finger and bit it. I stopped letting her do that, and she leaned over and bit the side of my face. Ouch. Guess she was in a very hungry mood... Just as we were about to leave, James decided to say goodbye to Vicky, and suddenly they're in a huge "discussion". Me and Lollo had a little chat, while James and Vicky argued for an hour, ending twice in Vicky crying... The whole situation is just so annoying.

Well, while they were having that talk, Lollo told me that she was thinking of going home, for good. She was only intending to stay at this Uni for a year anyway, and she said that since she's a bit behind on her work, and has no real reason to stay, she may as well go. Needless to say, I was not happy with this, and told her so. I think she was glad that I cared - everybody would care a lot if she left, and we'll all be very sad at the end of this year anyway :o(

During my talk with Lollo, we looked into the room we'd just come out of, and saw a very interesting sight. Ebs and Mice pulling. Each other. Bloody hell. We all saw that coming, but it was always "Oh yea, they'll get together sometime". Suddenly, they are together. That was an interesting sight indeed, and will make the next few days very interesting. Anyhow, eventually, James and I left, and rather than go wait for a bus, got a taxi home.

During the taxi ride, he asked me honestly if anybody else knew about him and Vicky having been together at one time. I had to tell him that yes, they did. He was kinda pissed at first, but after I explained the situation, he was better about it. Basically, the whole thing is just that at the time I couldn't really handle the whole fact that Vicky was with somebody else, and that the somebody else was a mate of mine. I needed to tell somebody, so.... Anyhow, I think he understood how I felt, and even apologised for it, but I told him not to bother about that, and that I should be apologising for having told anybody. I think he thinks that if Claire ever finds out, it'll scupper his chances with her, and is really worried about that.

Anyhow, with nothing especially happy to report (well, this girl came onto me at the club, but 10 minutes after Vicky had been chewing on my ear, and I was so not in the mood for anybody but her at that point), I bid you all goodnight. I hope my head doesn't pound too much in the morning....

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One vote for naked webcam shower photos, right here.

Right, I'll read the rest of your post now. 8-)

Hope those bite marks aren't too permanent. 8-)

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