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I just wanna be there when you need to find your feet on the solid ground
Time to tidy my room and stuff...

The seagulls out the back aren't too bright. Just because the roof behind our house was a good place to build a nest and raise a baby last year does not mean it still is this year. The fools are constructing a nest right now, with lots of moss and nice comfortable baby furniture, without realising there's a cat this year. Somebody in one of the houses along here has a cat, which I've often seen up on the roof. Clearly the seagulls don't fear it themselves because they're about three times as big as it - any cat which attacks them will get it's ass beaked. But the baby would be just the right sort of size for the cat to have a go at.

Oh well - part of me feels sad about it, but at the same time, they really are asking for this. And thus natural selection weeds out moronic birds :o)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a thrill-seeker or just an idiot. David knows what I mean...

The sunlight is so warm, I don't think I'll put clothes on.....

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Don't you know better than to delineate an image of yourself without clothes on in a public entry? I think you do it on purpose.

No seagull is bright. They're quite amusing, though.

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