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Woo, reach for that disc!

In other news, Rachel is coming down tomorrow... I should really tidy my room, because it's an utter mess, but I'll leave that until tomorrow. Right now, I am playing my guitar, because I feel it's important to give my busted finger exercise. I'd strap it up, but Rach will do that for me tomorrow when she comes down to nurse me. Hmm, uniforms.. *ahem*

Sleep time soon... might be practicing frisbee skills on the beach on Wednesday afternoon (or is it tomorrow? Must phone Waggle and ask), which will be fun. Rachel can come watch me fall over onto rocks, yay!


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I need to send the pics I took on Saturday.

Any preference as to how I get them to you?

Re: That reminds me

Hmm... I can give you FTP details for somewhere to put them, if you like?

Hope you're having fun being nursed..... hehehe.... i feel like we should all b sending you condoms or something ;)

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