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Dogma and Whatever have been shipped... At long f'ing last.

For some reason I'm feeling depressed. I don't know why. More soon....

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Me too, for no particular reason.

*big hug*

That sucks, you're not supposed to be depressed, you're the person with a LIFE whose journal I already read when I wish I had a life. ;-)

(man,if you weren't depressed before, reading THAT little bit of sniveling will have done the trick!)

Right, I'm off to find burritos for dinner. ;-)

I have a life? I wish people would tell me these things...

Mind you, tomorrow night, drinking starts at 6pm. I have a bottle of brandy. Then at 7pm we go to the bar for a few hours, then off to a club in Brighton. Should be fun - my account of that will be one to watch out for :o)


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