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Life this evening
Well, David has been on about we-all-know-who a bit, but nothing major.... I truly hope that thing sorts itself out for the best. So he'll shut the hell up!

Uh, just kidding Davey boy :o)

So, what else is going on.... Mark is trying to convince me to go IRCing with him and Dale, but I don't feel like that - they're scary people... Oh, and since writing that, I have done so. And left. My attention span is less than great.

Just finished a talk with Laura, which wasn't so great. She is somewhat annoyed at David, because I let something slip that I shouldn't have done (clue: acting one's arse off).... Didn't realise she didn't know that I knew she said that. Oh well. She's had a good moan, so yay :o( Fortunately, now the conversation has turned to music, which is good...

My 'so called' friends are online on MSN, but don't appear to be talking. Oh well. Currently talking to Lucy, who has so kindly graced us with her presence online again. Oh, and now she's offline again. Like a sodding jack in the box, that girl :o)

Reycov isn't back yet - I want to find out if that picture is really him (on account of never having seen him before, despite him being a member of my elite terrorist squad and all). I may have to wait a long time. Oh, and look, Lucy is back. Yeesh...

Now I'm talking to Laura about marriage. She doesn't seem to be interested.... That's no big surprise. I've learned that trickery probably won't work here, which means my arsenal is empty.

So let's zoom out on the situation and look at the big picture. The big picture, of course, being *my* life, the important one. Well, I'm sat here, at 10:30pm, bored stiff. I forgot to record a show for my parents, so I'll have to wait until tuesday to get it. I'll probably stay up for a good few more hours, in order to talk to people (such as Julia, who is now online - yay). Uh, I've nothing more to add really. I shall be back later, to bore you more :o)

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 My 'so called' friends are online on MSN

Well when you call one of these "so called" friends an "absolute tosser" for no apparent reason then they (or as in this case), I, will fail to talk to you.

You're mostly exempt from that. Mostly that refers to Michael and Chris. Thus far, you've not been so bad, but the other two have pretty much pissed me off (on inspection of the previous conversation on here, it was just Mike bitching at me, not both of you, so I take that back). They complain about not coming to the pub with my friends - their general attitudes are not exactly those of friends. Sorry about implicating you in that - it's not exactly fair...

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