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And you're less fucked up than the average girl...
Caught up on most of the TV shows I download, finally... Also stopped to download The Fifth Element and Unbreakable, just because I was in a Bruce Willis mood. I almost downloaded The Sixth Sense, before remembering (just in time) that it was a little bit pants.

Tonight is either Worms at Waggle's, or staying in doing nothing, depending on what's on offer. Roland is probably staying there tonight, so there will be much 0wnage (by me). Alternatively, I could always go to the shops and buy some food, on account of being dangerously low on.. well.. everything.

Tomorrow I have to be up at 7am for the tournament. And by that, I mean I have to be at the station for 7am, so I have to get up at about 6am... It'll be good, it's only one day, and it'll be my first outdoor tournament.. After playing at the beach yesterday, I'm all fired up about playing outdoors, so I say bring it on. The team looks to be Felix, Roland, Maggie, Petra, Shed, Helena, Curry, Ben, Me, ed, and Felix's brother (also called Ed). Eleven players - that's good, since it means we'll have plenty of subs. Games outdoors are typically 45 minutes long, and there's lots of running in them...

I'm sure I had more stuff to say, but I've forgotten it... I may go shopping....

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(Deleted comment)
I'll get it when I get home tomorrow, I'll be back by the evening, and then I'll get to read it, and reply, and post the reply on Monday. Seems like a fine arrangement to me :o)

this has to do with your usage of pants here, in your sentence about the sixth sense and how you didn't download it... do you know anyone else who uses 'pants' as you have? or any ideas as to where it originated? i have a friend who's used it much the same way (as an exclamation...) and was curious, as those are the only instances of this use i've encountered... this might look silly, but i'm actually serious. it sucks being a linguist sometimes.

er, thanks?

No idea where it originated, but it was a reasonably common expression among teenagers in the UK about five years ago... I've no idea who else uses it these days, though...

cool, thanks again :)

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