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Just watched The Fifth Element, and finally I get it. For years, it was the only movie I'd ever seen more than once in the cinema, and I've seen it countless times on video since, and I finally get it all. I understood almost all of it, and suddenly the last piece fits.

The five elements are fire, water, wind, earth and life. They activate each of the conventional four by exposing the icons of those elements to the real thing. But for it to work, they have to activate the fifth element - it's not about Leeloo not wanting to save the world, it's that she can't because they've not switched her on, so to speak. And so they do that with love. The parallel with the stones therefore means that love and life are the same thing, indivisible.

One could argue that the fifth element is love, rather than life, but that wouldn't justify the fifth one being sentient, and being woman-shaped. And it wouldn't fit in with general mythology.

So yeah, the point is, life is activated by love. And I finally see that.

Slow much? :o)

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(Deleted comment)
Hmm... it was all quite obvious when I actually thought about it. I just didn't expect to find imagery in there, so never bothered looking before :o)

Great. I'm happy for you. Doesn't stop it being a shit film.

It's great. You're stupid. I think the conclusion is quite obvious :oP

(blink, blink)




... there was symbolism in The Fifth Element?

Yeah... unexpected, isn't it :o)

I love that movie. :)

DAH, didn't notice that either XD. So love, eh?

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