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Always being you..
Mmm, three hours of Beach Ultimate... It wasn't quite as sandy as it was meant to be - there was enough sand to get into all your clothes, but also enough pebbles to shred you. I've got a few cuts on my knee, one on my finger, and a gash running down my right arm. But I did lay out a bit for discs.

Speaking of which, I used to lay out for discs when I started playing - I messed up my right shoulder doing it several weeks running, and tried to get myself nominated for Player Most Likely To Injure Himself until Felix broke his hand. I guess it was when the pitch was quite muddy - that would also explain why my trousers were always so muddy. I just have no recollection of diving for discs, and I certainly have something of an aversion to doing it these days. Most odd...

Less than two weeks until Rimini... I can't wait :o)

Less than a week until Rachel comes back. I am, understandably, quite excited about that too :o)

Life is good :o)


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