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I want you to get out of my dreams
Yes, you.

Tonight was fun.. went to Waggle's to watch the football, and England won 2-0. The clean sheet means that Turkey have still never scored against us, which is quite fun. After that, we (me, Smedley, Felchers, Waggle and Maggie) played Worms for a few hours - I rained down doom and death and doom upon all their worms. Got a few flukey shots in, and played like an utter cunt (I killed Waggle's last worm by promising before his turn that I'd airstrike Maggie - which I did, but aimed it at him too - nasty).

Am now in bed with a hot chocolate. Tomorrow we're doing training on sand in preparation for Rimini... Got the rules through today - ten games over the weekend. Fly out there on the Wednesday (16th), then there's three games on Friday, three on Saturday, three on Sunday and one on Monday. Very short World Cup :o)


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