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you most like to read ___'s lj:
regina_thesuper david more_musings eliaalariel dweezie

you most like to look at ___'s lj:
lyra always seems to have nice pictures... :o)

you are most like:
david in some ways, remohraz in others, ed in most respects (though he copies me), and in terms of sense of humour, tma...

you are least like:
david in some ways, tma in some too...

regina_thesuper, more_musings, no__notnow, lyra, tax

most stylish:
david, if you're into trannies... (but seriously, he probably has the strongest sense of style out of all the people I know, whether it's right or not)

you fancy:
regina_thesuper, more_musings, no__notnow

you're going with:

you've kissed: (.. oh boy - in chronological order)
brokendoll nozza orangespice dead_battery regina_thesuper guntrip lightisfading hollowpoint spidrak kfite - I think that's it..

you miss:
regina_thesuper, more_musings, no__notnow, david, oldgit, nosygit, many more...

you see daily:
None while at uni (at home, it's shy oldgit and ed)

you see weekly:

you have seen/ see occasionally:
19021987 3_headed_monkey adacuerz adcott andygeers audio_karate burnmeinthstars davedowns david dead_battery dingwall disturbed_voice doctorbob ed eliaalariel everlone flashgordon goose_mcloose guntrip herdivineshadow hollowpoint hugmonkey more_musings jace_mcsnoog kfite kingmitch lightisfading lilliput marnarama mertrodome lyra morganfrench nosygit nozza oldgit pozest_ladybug probe regina_thesuper remohraz sexy_lex shy sister_ray snowyowlofdoom spidrak stumpy_thedwarf tax tma xpander, plus many others not on my friends list

you've been drunk with:
Most of the above

you want to be drunk with:
Most of the above

you know most about:
david regina_thesuper ed

you know least about:
Too many of them....

you've talked to today (aim counts):
david more_musings ed lightisfading regina_thesuper

you've talked to on the phone:
Many of the list I've met, plus ozjish inane sublimec stephie no__notnow dmz woz

you talk to regularly (aim counts):
regina_thesuper (when I can), more_musings no__notnow david ed tma sublimec inane

you've never spoken to (aim counts):
I forget....

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(Deleted comment)
It was at Reading. I instigated a "let's all kiss each other" fad... :o)

you've talked to on the phone:

I'm sure we've spoken on the phone!

Ah, you're right there....

You've never spoken to teh TMA!?

Oops sorry - just saw it was an additions to those you've met!

omg, i actually got a mention! i didn't even think you took any notice to my journal. aw.. smiley. xox

Mentioned three times, no less :o)

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