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Music to change your underwear to

Like, really though, wow.

I just bought This Is Where I Stand - HMV had that, and Virgin had Better Ways To Self Destruct, so y'know, I'm feeding all the capitalist empires equally. Anyway, like I said, wow. There's only one thing I like more than new material from a band I love, and that's alternative studio recordings of songs I love by them.

Mmm, different versions of Try Not To Think and Hundredweight... It's all so good.. This music makes me grin :o)

The weather, on the other hand, is just confusing. It was sunny, so I went down to the beach, where it then rained on me. So I went to buy CDs, and when I came out, it was sunny again. The whole thing is just messed up. But the beach was so pretty - the sunlight on the water and stuff, 'twas lovely... And warm, until the sun went in... :o)

Waggle is coming over later to check his mail, and then we're going to go to a pub somewhere to watch the football. Funfun... Hope England don't lose :o\

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wooo :) they are both ever so good. Now track down the singles, for they mostly have very good b-sides ;-)

I have two Junkies singles... I shall seek out others, though Nikki is hopefully sending me a CD with everything on it :o)

oh, cool :) theres an alternative version of Lights Out on one, and Everyone Knows on the Try Not To Think single is also verily good..

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