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I'm noticing a disturbing trend among the songs I've been writing to, basically, go on for entire verses about how stupid I can be. It's not actually for any specific reason, it's just because I find it easier to write that sort of thing (pretty much every song I've ever written has something like that in it)

Maybe I'm just a sucker for self destruction
And maybe I will never learn
I'll keep on wishing for things that never were intended
It's all I know how to do

Just me and Jimbo in the house now - I've considered the idea of a wild party, but quickly dismissed it because it wouldn't really work. It'd turn into a few Frisbee players and a large amount of drugs, which isn't really what I'm looking for right now. Speaking of frisbee - I've been talking to Matt from STD and got directions to where we're meant to go this weekend - hooray! It's all looking very promising :o)

For once in my life I'm going to stop looking
Because happiness is about ten paces behind me
I know where I left it
And I'll be coming back later

I can't be arsed with chords any more... It's all about the melody and the lead, and then maybe I'll stick some chords behind it if any fit, but they often don't. It's probably laziness. Anyway, I should be off to sleep. Hopefully talking to Rachel tomorrow, finally, so I shall have to set an alarm (it's like 1pm, but still, knowing me....)

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Funny this whole running around in mad circles only to realise that you started off where you were heading eh.

That's your interpretation, certainly. I'm sure you'll be suitably irritated to know that it's not the reality, as such :o)

we live and learn in the times inbetween ;o)

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