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Note to self - things to get back from my family this weekend:

Everclear album
Football boots

Note to Ed - things to remember and think about before the tournament:

Remember to pivot - turning on your left foot means you can face in any direction
If you've got a short easy pass, then use it - if not, you've got ten seconds to wait for one
Stack up, and get ready to make your cut when you're at the front of the stack
Fake to throw your marker off - make a cut one way and then change direction suddenly to keep ahead of your marker
Also fake when throwing, your marker may very well go for a point-block and move out of position
The line is not your friend - make sure your feet are both inside the pitch / endzone - if one of them is out, then your catch will either not be a score, or will be out of the pitch completely, depending
Pain is temporary, glory is forever
When you're marking somebody making a cut, stay ahead of them, and mark them on the open side of the pitch (where the thrower is being forced to). On the turnover, always be aware of where your marker is.
When marking the long player, stand behind him, so that you can see both the thrower and your marker at the same time. If you're in front, you won't have a clear view and if he cuts back to receive a high hammer, you're fucked.
Catch with two hands - while one handed grabs look cooler, a drop always looks stupid ;o)
If the stall count is approaching ten, and you don't have any options, shout at your team mates to give you some. I'll try to play as a handler for your points so I'm always there to help out.
When forcing, keep the back hand high to prevent hammers and break-force high-release throws, and the front hand low to prevent the break-force inside-out. Don't worry about letting them throw to the open side - that's what you want them to do.
Be aware of where the force is - are we forcing Home or Away? And which direction is which?
Call "up!" when the disc is thrown to let your team mates know that it's in the air and to be ready to intercept it
Never give up on a disc - if you miss it, run after it, those things hover for ages before landing, you might be able to have another go at it

And if you can only remember one thing, remember this - relax, it's just a game, everybody makes mistakes (especially me because I can't be arsed to run when I'm on D and get scored on tons), and nobody will really mind. If anybody has a go, call bad spirit, and kick them in the nuts ;o)

When I think of other things to moan at you about, I'll let you know ;o)

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(Deleted comment)
Heh.. I'm just giving him some tips so that he can look really good at the weekend... It's all in his interests...

And yes. I am. :o)

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