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My hair has gone pear-shaped, sort of (and no, there aren't pictures).

You'd think that 90 minutes with strong bleach would strip the colour right out of it, wouldn't you? Turns out, it'll only do most of the colour.

I now have patches of blue in otherwise blonde hair. It doesn't look too bad because the patches are pretty uniform, along the mohawk, but still.

This is far from ideal. And I can't bleach it again for fear of killing all my hair and going bald. And it's too close to Paganello to cut it all off and start again. So I'll keep this for a week, and then dye it red after Brunel.

Still, it does mean I'll go to Brunel with different hair to any previous tournaments, thus eliminating the problem I thought I'd have :o)

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why dont u wash it like 50 million times with extra strong chlorine-removal anti-green shampoo? they make it for competitive swimmers. it removed my permanently-dyed blond highlights somehow. i think its the weird chemicals. this is stuff that can remove nail polish too, scarily enough.

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