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Mmm, it's good to have an outlet for my babble... I've caught up on the latest Friends and Buffy already - currently downloading Angel and South Park, and then I should be up to date. Lovely broadband - half a gb downloaded already today...

I feel a heart that's torn in two
And time keeps taking
Steps towards a place I know but I don't want to go there again

I've been out and about quite a lot today - the fresh air always does me good. I've still not gone to see the burned-out pier, but it's on my list of things to do. I must go down to the beach soon anyway, just for a bit of contemplation - it's always important to have space to think sometimes, and I have much on my mind of late...

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Is that the West Pier? I recall the other one taking fire as well, I guess someone in Brighton has something against Piers.

I was in the US was the West Pier first started collapsing, half a page was devoted to it in the local newspaper, I thought it quite strange that in a paper that devotes only two pages to "world news" (mostly the goings on of American abroad) one quarter of this space concentrated on a 150yr old pier. But then I guess that's the US for you ;-)

uh, with regard to angel / buffy, could you not post plot points in your journal? i've not seen you do any so far but, y'know, just in case ;) i'm enjoying these current series more than the last few, especially in buffy's case and i'd rather not know plotlines that haven't been shown here ;)

Ha, screw you

Everybody dies
Buffy and Willow have a secret affair
Giles turns out to be Australian, and not British as he previously claimed
Xander goes blind from too much masturbation


but, MOST importantly, does Molly die?? if not, i may have to remove my own ears to avoid her talking again...

Is this a test? Because I'm not going to tell you anything. Especially since there are others who read my journal who have threatened lots of harm to me if I say anything about future episodes. Ha ha :oP

this season's buffy and angel (in the US) has been really good. i've become addicted. they used to annoy me before.

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