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1st gig: The Corrs in Birmingham, December '98

Last: Audio Karate at LA2

Next: Less Than Jake

Best: Lifehouse

Worst: D-12

Sadly missed: Sugar Ray

Always a pleasure: Audio Karate

Best venue: Brighton Concorde 2

Worst venue: Birmingham NEC

Like to see: Easyworld, Sugar Ray

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Oooh, what date are you going to see Less Than Jake on?

And I had tickets to Easyworld, but ended up being really ill on the day I was meant to go :( bah

Best venue: Brighton Concorde 2

If you're interested, AntiProduct are playing there at some point in the future, the date should be on their website :)

Like to see: Easyworld

7 times now :) which, admittedly, is nothing compared to Nikki :p but still, i think its the most I've seen any band...

By the way,

"By the time we caught up with them to get some food, T.B and Ben had already instigated full drinking game rules and had clearly been punishing each other for any mistakes, including false accusations, pointing, obscenities, saying 'drink', and much more."

Of course! Full drinking rules!

I'd forgotten about that, that would explain why I got so hammered... Ben and I spent so long just forcing each other to drink consume... Suddenly it makes sense :o)

By the way, I thought there was meant to be a picture of me scoring on somebody (STD?).. Or was that a different camera?

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